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SmartForms provides a powerful CMS-1500 medical billing system that runs on MAC operating systems. The CMS-1500Apple software allows you to easily create, print, electronically submit, and track all CMS-1500 claims. Unparalleled Customer Service and ease-of-use guaranteed with all SmartForms software and online systems.

Easy to use

The intuitive interface allows quick claim creation and payment tracking. Ease of use features include the ability to save your common codes and a "create similar claim" function.

Easy Batching

SmartForms MAC software will automatically batch your completed claims for printing or electronic submission to any clearing house.

Free update

Updates and form changes can be automatically installed on your application.

Print Options

CMS1500 Apple will print the complete the CMS1500 form on plain paper or on a red medicare form which can be custom aligned for your printer for a perfect fit.

Live Support

Since 1999 SmartForms has provided FREE live support. Our competent staff can help you with any issues you may have. Custom modifications can be made to our products to help make your processing easier.

Electronic Submission

SmartForms apple will batch your claims for submission with one click to any clearing house. We will be available for help setting up a new account. Call us for our preferred list.

Low cost

The cost for the SmartForms CMS-1500 Apple software is a one time fee of $189.00. This includes electronic delivery so that you may start using the software immediately and licenses for 3 installations.

Free 30-day Trial

Download SmartForms CMS-1500Apple software and use it free for 30 days. All the work, set-up, templates and alignment of claims generated with the Trial will be accessible once you purchase the software and convert from a Trial version to a Working Version. The Demo has full functionality including claim submission. Start Free Trial

CMS-1500 MAC
The patient information page allows you to view all of your patients, claims and claim status.
CMS-1500 MAC
You may complete a CMS-1500 form on the screen with patient information and provider information always included.
CMS-1500 MAC
Save all of your diagnostic and procedure codes to lists for future use.


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